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Aion Kinah: Using Prestige Pack for Better Farming

May 23, 2014 admin 0

buy lasix online australia Need a little boost while hunting Aion Kinah? Then it’s time to go get Aion’s new Prestige Pack. Enjoy new buffs, and items for your Daeva. Prestige Badge Aion Kinah rewards The new and updated Prestige Pack now has the Prestige Badge. This 30-day duration item will grant improve Aion Kinah and item drop rates for you and your party. The badge also increases movement speed. Finally, the badge generates Prestige Crystals daily. These items […]

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STO Credits Earning while Celebrating the Legacy of Romulus Anniversary

May 23, 2014 editor 0

buy Lyrica online Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus is turning one this month. To celebrate the anniversary rewards have been improved and event will be run for collectors of STO Credits. More STO Credits and marks To commemorate the anniversary, Romulan Mark rewards from New Romulus missions have been doubled permanently. Players running missions for STO credits or reputation will now get even more Romulan Marks. Note that this is not an event, but a permanent increase. […]

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RIFT Platinum Earning with Ascend-A-Friend Referral Program

May 22, 2014 admin 0

Players who want to hunt RIFT Platinum with friends there’s good news for you. RIFT is beefing up their Ascend-A-Friend Referral Program with more freebies. RIFT Platinum and more for recruits Earning RIFT Platinum will be much faster with a friend. With the Ascend-A-Friend program your buddies will also get a 25% experience bonus when they’re close to you. They’ll also get a free 16 slot Bag, a rune to make their weapon glow and […]

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