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Aion Kinah and Cool Items from Defending the Shugo Imperial Tomb

May 19, 2014 admin 0

The Shugos in Aion need your help Daeva. The Shugo Imperial Tomb is being raided by Kobolds and it’s up to you to ward them off. Earn Aion Kinah and neat items for your bravery! Defending the tomb for Aion Kinah Players can participate in a three stage dungeon for Aion Kinah and items. The Shugo Imperial Tomb has players fight against Kobolds in three waves. The twist? Players will be transformed into Shugos with […]

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STO Credits in The 2800 Feature Episode Rerun – Revisiting Deep Space Nine

May 19, 2014 editor 0

The Borg are coming and the heads of the various factions in Star Trek Online have called for a meeting at Deep Space Nine. Sound familiar? It should be because Feature Episode The 2800 is being replayed. Get a chance to win items and STO credits from these missions. Old foes for new STO Credits The Jem’Hadar forces are attacking Deep Space Nine once more and it is up to the brave captains to take […]

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STO Credits with Cloaked Intentions Feature Episode Re-Run

May 16, 2014 editor 0

Star Trek Online is having a Replay Event from May 16 to May 27. Get a chance to get STO Credits and special rewards with one of the Feature Episodes: Cloaked Intentions. Discovering the mystery for STO Credits Old players can go through the Cloaked Intentions missions, once again thanks to the Replay Event. New players can also participate for special rewards and STO Credits. For this event accept the missions; Federation characters need to be […]

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