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Rift Platinum the Guardians – Fighting for the Gods, the Fallen

June 5, 2014 admin 0

The races in RIFT are divided into two factions: The Guardians and The Defiant. The former are led by the five gods of Telara and aim to bring good into the world, whilst earning some RIFT Platinum on the side. Saving the world while collecting RIFT Platinum The Guardians are composed of the three races chosen by the Vigil for their devotion. This devotion manifests as a will to save the world from oncoming threats […]

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STO Credits Hunters Enjoying the Summer with the New Screenshot Contest

June 2, 2014 editor 0

Beat the heat with Star Trek Online’s Summer Vacation Screenshot Contest. While players will not win STO Credits, ZEN prizes are waiting for artsy captains. Entering your STO Credits hunter’s images Players interested in joining have the whole month of June to take screenshots of their STO Credits hunter enjoying Summer Vacation. Images must be 1280×720 and must also have a 1920×1200 version. Contestants are limited to one entry, however they are free to use […]

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