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Hunt in the Harbor for EverQuest Platinum

December 5, 2014 editor 0

Dulak’s harbor is one of the great farming spot for EverQuest platinum. Because of the size of this area you will see hundreds of monster mobs all over the place. Check out this farming spot and start earning platinum profits. EverQuest Platinum in the Harbor The zoned is sectioned off into three different parts. The three different level ranges marked on the map, the easiest mobs are down at the bottom in the long line […]

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EverQuest Platinum Hunting in the Plains of Hate

December 4, 2014 editor 0

Pour out your hate in the plains of hate. This farming spot is one of the great sources of EverQuest Platinum. The great thing in this farming spot is despite of the moderate platinum drop, there are tons of monster mobs. You can earn big platinum profits because of their big count. Read more of this farming spot and start earning platinum now. Big Monster Count for EverQuest Platinum If you are farming in the […]

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The Veksar Spot for EverQuest Platinum

December 3, 2014 editor 0

If you are struggling for EverQuest Platinum you can check out the Veksar farming spot which is recommended for level 75-80. Have a look in the Veksar and start earning platinum. The Lizard Man for EverQuest Platinum Veksar is located in the Lake of III Omen on Kunark. Location is actually inside the lake itself. Here you will find a slew of different undead creatures to kill as well as some lively goblins at the […]

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Bring the Guardians Down for EverQuest Platinum

December 2, 2014 editor 0

The crypt of the Nadox is one of the greatest farming spot for EverQuest Platinum. The estimated earnings of platinum in this spot are 2,800-3,400 and your average plat per kill is 8-12 platinum. Read more of this farming spot. EverQuest Platinum hunting in the Crypt This farming spot is right off the Gulf of Gunthak, which has a book from PoK to it. The Crypt of Nadox is another one of those spots where […]

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Earn STO Credits with EC Points

December 1, 2014 admin 0

There are ways to produce STO credits for your character in Star Trek online. But first you need to produce these points; Energy credits or EC, Dilithium for Zen, Fleet marks implicitly for Fleet credits and reputation marks. Read more of this guide for earning these points and exchange them for credits. Energy Credits for STO Credits To make EC, first make sure your character is at level 50, and then go to a farming […]

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Bear Hunting Season for EverQuest Platinum

December 1, 2014 editor 0

Everyday can be the hunting season in EverQuest online if you are hunting for bears for EverQuest Platinum. You can spend your farming time in the Black feather Roost recommended for level 72-75. Read more of this farming area and collect platinum as much as you can. EverQuest Platinum in Mountain Bears Killing thee animals in this farming area will give you great opportunity in EverQuest platinum farming. Kill them on the first platform and […]

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