Aid your Faction and Get your STO Credits

When playing Star Trek Online, there are three factions that can be taken by your character for collecting STO Credits. The factions are named as the Federation, the Klington Empire and the Romulan Republic. Each faction presents you with its own plot of story. They also have the set of playable species or classes and ships, as well as faction-specified hubs. Below are the species available on these factions.

The Federation and your STO Credits Collector

The factions Federation have a lot of species playable. You can choose of the following as you play and collect STO credits. The Federation is the faction that has a bigger count of playable species and the Federation. The total of 18 species is available in the Federation. Alien, Andorian, Bajoran, Benzite, Betazoid, Bolian, Caitian, Ferengi, Human, Klington, Liberated borg, Pakled, Rigelian, Saurian, Tellarite, Trill, Joined trill and Vulcan. These are the named playable species inside the Federation.

Aliens as your STO Credits Collector

sto credits collector alien

The aliens as your STO Credits Collector are defined the customizable species’ for the Federation. These species are playable but due to how involved the character creator is it is unlikely two people will create identical aliens unless they share their settings. The customizable species in the game features a very rich set of options for the player. This Alien species can have most of the features that are present on other races.



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