Aion Kinah for Dynasty Costume Skins Sale

Aion is celebrating Lineage 2’s 10th anniversary by having a sale on Dynasty Costume skins. Your Aion Kinah hunter can also get other items on sale from April 23 to April 30.

Aion kinah for costume skin sale

Trace your Aion Kinah hunter’s Lineage

One of NCSoft’s first MMORPGs, Lineage 2, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and Aion is helping celebrate. Dynasty Costume skins based on the long-running MMO will be 50% off in the Aion store. Be the envy of your Aion Kinah hunter friends and grab the skin now!

Collect hats for your Aion Kinah hunter

Also on sale until the end of the month are three classic Spirited hats. They can be obtained for your Aion Kinah hunter for just 80 NCoin. Note that these items are Cosmetic only and will not add any statistical bonus to your character.


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