Aion Kinah – Eloquent Classes Overview in Aion Online


The classes in aion online are versatile. A priest that primarily stands as support can also deal a significant amount of damage depending on the chosen path. Thief and archer class are combined as one. Wherein, a range class that can transcend into an assassin.

Moreover, the build of a character makes classes even more complicated. Wherein, there will be a cleric that can kill a warrior class, if built correctly.

Aion Kinah – Eloquent Classes Overview in Aion Online: Warrior

Warrior is the classic character in MMORPG. There is no MMORPG that has no melee character. In this game, the melee class is called as ‘warrior.’

The warrior class is the tank class. It has two paths: guardian and berserker. Guardian is the pure tanker. It serves as the protector of the rear line. Berserker class deals higher amount of damage than guardian, but has lower defensive capability than guardian. The difference is like Sun and Moon.

Aion Kinah – Eloquent Classes Overview in Aion Online: Scout

Like warrior class, a character with a bow cannot go missing. It is an essential factor of MMORPG. In aion online, the range class is called ‘scout.’

The scout class is the class that deals significant amount of physical damage. It has two paths: ranger and assassin. Ranger primarily uses bow and exploit range in combat. Assassin is the stealth class that uses flashy attacks that deal burst damage. The difference is like cat and dog.

Aion Kinah – Eloquent Classes Overview in Aion Online: Mage

The mage class is compulsory. Depending on the game’s setting, mage could be replaced by another squishy class. (The writer of this article doesn’t hate mages. It is just the fact. In fact, the writer loves to play mages.)

Mage is the strongest damage dealer in the game. In exchange, it is also the character with weakest defense. It has two paths: spirit master and sorcerer. Spirit master is like necromancer. It summons monster. Sorcerer is just a plain mage. It has the ability to call meteors and blizzards.


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