Aion Kinah Hunter: Introduction to Gladiator Class

The Gladiator class for Aion Kinah hunting is the master of weapons that excels on tanking and dealing damage. The gladiator class has the capability to use variety of weapons being able for them to use a lot of kinds of weapon. Let us see what we can expect on the Gladiator character class.

gladiator for aion kinah hunting

Gladiator’s path for Aion Kinah Hunting

Gladiators are fighters which attack in a close range but an AoE damage dealing attacks which is effective for Aion Kinah hunting. This means the gladiator character class has more AoE skills than any other classes in Aion Online. The gladiator character class is a hybrid tank/damage class which is capable of using many kinds of weapon but most of the gladiators use two-handed weapons such as greatswords or polearms. Two-handed weapons are very effective on AoE skills because it deals more chance of critical strike.

Protecting your Aion Kinah Hunter

All character class needs to be protected in every mission they take. They need armors that will serve as their protection. The gladiator class is equipped with armors that can give them protection and guard while doing the tanking. It would be a great help for your gladiator if you are going to balance your damage and defense for effective tanking and damaging.

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