Alchemy for Mages and Priest for Aion Kinah

Alchemy offers the opportunity to supply your characters with potions, scrolls, spell books or orbs, and upgraded mana stones and Aion Kinah. Using materials that can be gathered in Atreia, the alchemist creates potent and useful additions sure to be sought after by all classes. The Alchemy is recommended for Mage or Priest Classes.

aion kinah for alchemy

Learning Alchemy for Aion Kinah

The fee to learn Alchemy is roughly 3,500 Aion Kinah. Visit Honir in the Pandaemonium or Diana in the Sanctum to pay the fee and learn the skill. This unlocks all work orders from the Alchemy mentor as well as the level 1 craft, Craft: Lesser Elemental Water Asmodian for Asmodians and Craft: Lesser Elemental Water for Elyos. Completing work orders will increase your crafting level. Alternatively, crafting designs offers the opportunity to create potions, scrolls, food, or weapons that can be used or sold and will also increase crafting skill levels. As with all crafts, you must talk to the Alchemy Master to learn higher levels of Alchemy.

The other one is the Noble Alchemy which means for crafting spell books or orbs, there is a random chance to proc a noble version which typically have higher attributes and/or more mana stone sockets than the normal version. Similarly, when crafting mana stones, there is a random chance to proc a superior level mana stone.

Aion Kinah Profits

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