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Get a Profession and Learn How to Craft to Earn More Rift platinum

June 4, 2015 admin 0

Almost all of MMORPG nowadays have a crafting system. This system makes the game much more broad and opens a window of opportunity for players to make money. There are a total of 9 professions in rift online: butchery, foraging and mining for the types of gathering, while Apothecary, Armorsmithing, Artificing, Outfitting, Runecrafting and Weaponsmithing for crafting. Earning Rift Platinum through Crafting: Profession Highlights Gathering: Butchery – Being a butcher makes allows the character to […]

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Return of the Elachi Sheshar Star Ship for STO Credits

June 3, 2015 admin 0

Few starships are as menacing and massive as the Tier 6 Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser. It has impressive defensive and offensive capabilities. Since they began their campaign of devastation, their vicious hit-and-run tactics, combined with their inscrutable motives and strangely silent nature, have struck fear into the hearts of many species of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. During conflicts with these silent enemies, much of their technology has been salvaged and repurposed for use in […]

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Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Farming Guide for New and Veteran Players

June 2, 2015 admin 0

Zen (real money) is what makes the game alive. On the fortunate side, Zen can be exchanged into neverwinter astral diamonds, which makes players that have no intention of spending real money in game will have the opportunity to buy a mount or access the cash shop and buy cash items. In this guide, if you’re just starting out, and have no idea of how to earn money this guide is for you. This guide […]

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Rift Online: Rift platinum Making and Leveling Guide

June 2, 2015 admin 0

There are different ways of farming rift platinum. However, not all ways are efficient and will make the most out of your time. This guide will show you how experienced players efficiently farm in the game. The character level truly matters when it comes to farming platinum. Beginner’s road from Gold farming to Rift Platinum making Leveling would be your top priority as a new player. The more you level up the more opportunities you […]

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Commands of the New Captain Nog for STO Credit Collectors

June 1, 2015 admin 0

Star Trek Online announces that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Aron Eisenberg will be joining the cast of Star Trek Online to reprise his role as Nog. Nog was born to Rom and Prinadora on Ferenginar in 2353. Later, he moved with his father to Deep Space Nine and worked at his uncle Quark’s bar. During this time, Nog was very mischievous, and a slight delinquent. With new best friend Jake Sisko, he is, […]

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Legion’s Ascension, Collecting Aion Kinah with Legion Class

May 29, 2015 admin 0

When the Empyrean Lords ascended, they announced that they would raise an army to fight the Balaur. This army came to be called the Legion, an unstoppable fighting force of hundreds. The Legion’s numbers grew, and eventually it became the Sword Legion and the Shield Legion. Over time those divided into more and more Legions as the Millennium War dragged on. Eventually, the Empyrean Lords sanctioned a ruling body, the Nobelium, to organize and govern […]

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[Tier 6] Elachi Sheshar: The Dreadnought Cruiser for STO Credits

May 28, 2015 admin 0

Captains! Star Trek Online is running a promotion from now until June 11th at 10AM PDT, which will provide an extra bonus when opening a Research and Development Pack. When Captains purchase a Research and Development Pack from the C-store and open it, they will receive either 10 Lobi Crystals or their choice of an Elachi Sheshar Dreadnought Cruiser with Intelligence or Command seating, in addition to the Research and Development Pack for STO Credits. A […]

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Habbo Credits Hunters Weekly News – InfoBus Sessions and BaW

May 27, 2015 admin 0

After you’ve earned Habbo Credits, the last thing you want is to get scammed. Thankfully, Habbo is having another InfoBus Session for players. Here players can learn how to safeguard their accounts. There’s also a competition to spread the word. Also this week, players are invited to try out for the Builders at Work team. Details below. Competition for Habbo Credits hunters To help Habbo Hotel players keep their account safe, the InfoBus Park Safety […]

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Science for your Career Path to Earn STO Credits

May 25, 2015 admin 0

Career path is one of the game systems of Star Trek Online which offers certain bonuses towards specific play-styles in space and ground, character roles are not very rigidly defined in Star Trek Online, and any character may fly any ship, wear any uniform, and equip almost any item. Science officers are most useful in the Healer and “Buffer/Debuffer” roles, where they provide healing and buffs for allies and themselves), as well as powers that […]

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Defensive Items for Better Farming of Aion Kinah

May 22, 2015 admin 0

In Hunting Aion Kinah offensive and defensive items must be in good terms to sustain damage and resistance brought by the monsters. Armor has four different types: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate. The limitations of what types of armor a player can use are based on the class a player has chosen. Armor Types for Character Classes Templars and Gladiators have the ability to wear all four types of armor, but mainly rely on plate armor […]

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