RS gold Farming Killing warped bats, collecting batwings

Collecting batwing is an effective way to make more RS gold due to its uses in crafting.

[Guide] Killing warped bats, collecting batwings and making more RS gold
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Time to collect lots of batwings and make RS gold

The warped bats are type of bats different from the others, a warped version of bats. Killing the bat will drop batwings can be used to create various armours and weapons such as Batwing Robe, Batwing Shields, Bat book and Bat wand. When the batwings used, it grants 50 XP to crafting skills. Due to the use of batwings, it can be a good source for RS gold sell.


The warped bats can be found in the Lumbridge Catacombs. They can be easily killed due to their low heath points which are 600. Not only that, they can be respawn instantly. Using two-handed weapons are good against them to instantly kill them. Once your inventory is full, use the Lumbridge Lodestone to teleport and store the batwings in the bank and sell them later for RS gold.


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