Defense is the Great Offense for Aion Kinah Hunting

Templar is the character class which is classified as the Main tank in Aion Online. They are the character class responsible on focusing on increasing its defense, controlling the attention or aggro of the monsters and receiving tons of damage. Templars are very reliable when farming Aion Kinah on boss raids. Let us review the things we can see on templars.

aion kinah hunting with templar

Tanking monsters for Aion Kinah

When Templars are alone farming they are usually very slow to kill monsters or mobs. Comparing to other classes Templars has the lower damaging skills. In exchange of the very slow movement and low damaging skills they can lure lots of monsters and kill them all at once for Aion Kinah. The advantage of the templar is they can take down group of monsters while casting skills that will damage the whole mob of monsters.

Tank the Boss for Aion Kinah

When taking a group play templars are very useful for taking the aggro and moving the mobs on a specified position. Templars have the most aggro generation skills, active and passive. Most important is when taking the aggro of the boss or mob your armor and HP must be sufficient to sustain the damage you are going to receive by these heavy damaging monsters.


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