Defensive Items for Better Farming of Aion Kinah

In Hunting Aion Kinah offensive and defensive items must be in good terms to sustain damage and resistance brought by the monsters. Armor has four different types: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate. The limitations of what types of armor a player can use are based on the class a player has chosen.

aion kinah hunting with proper armor

Armor Types for Character Classes

Templars and Gladiators have the ability to wear all four types of armor, but mainly rely on plate armor for its high Physical Defense to give them the resilience to fight on the front lines. Chain armor, while less resilient than plate, allows Clerics and Chanters the ability to move about the battlefield healing and buffing their allies while still providing protection in melee combat. Leather armor is used mainly by Assassins and Rangers. Its high evasion allows them to be quick and mobile while striking from the shadows. Cloth armor is the only type of armor Sorcerers and Spiritmasters can wear. Its high Magic Boost greatly increases spell damage; however, its low physical defense requires them to stay well outside of harm’s way.

Aion Kinah Profits

Profiting through grinding is worth it since you are earning by your hard work and dedication. Once you gain profits for Aion Kinah and you saved a lot of it, you can gain money to it. By the players who are looking for game currency they are obliged to purchase in game currency. Most of these players don’t have enough time to grind for themselves. By selling your Aion Kinah at PlayerAuctions, you can help them get the Kinah amount they need.

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