[MMO NEWS] Getting Dota 2 account and RS gold ready for the Beta has ended

Difference between the 2 beta games that ended… DOTA 2 account and RS gold existence…

No need to send out DOTA 2 account invite, for it’s FREE

As STEAM removed DOTA 2 invites on the member’s STEAM account last 9th of July; it became a “sign” that the beta period is coming to an end. The existing Steam users who are selling the beta key to other to the reason of bypassing the £22.99 price tag of the Steam Store. Unlike in other games that just ended their beta like Runescape 3, they informed their members that their rs gold won’t be wiped; while Dota 2 account statistics has been reset.

Dota 2 Official published announcement regarding on the “changes” that are taking place, the updates that the users will be expecting to happen. While the beta invites has been taken away, there are numbers of players who are invited to try out the newly launched game. For DOTA 2 to avoid overflowing of number of audience, they limited the access and is now on the process of “expanding” their maximum CCU capacity.

Difference between the 2 beta games that ended… DOTA 2 account and RS gold existence…

While the DOTA 2 players’ 2 years of experience in playing the beta period, their ranking and other achievement has come to an end. While the DOTA 2 players are getting rich with the invites and trading of Treasure keys or steam accounts; all their hard work and investments has come into “nothing”.

It’s different in Runescape 3’s case, the rs accounts that has been used to “test” the rs 3 new environment/interface they are able to keep the progression they have made. Though the runescape’s beta has ended, Runescape trading for rs gold is still ongoing.

To wipe or not to wipe out… fair decision? We’ll see…

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