STO Credits: Get Ready to Earn More , Captain! Season 9 is Live!

The Undines have come and are threatening all life as we know it in Star Trek Online. It’s time for the wars to be set aside and fight this new foe for peace, STO credits, and the life of those living in our corner of the universe.

 Earn More STO Credits

New events to earn STO Credits from

Season 9: A New Accord introduces the Undine, a xenophobic non-humanoid race that is out to eliminate all life in the galaxy. Players can participate in events to prevent this from happening and earn STO credits on the side. The new events include, Undine Infiltration, Undine Assault, and Viscous Cycle.

New Kit System to save STO Credits

The new season will also fix old issues as well revamp the Kit System to allow power customization. Certain Kits and Modules will also be made available at vendors for STO credits.


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