EverQuest Platinum Hunter: The Holy Power

The Cleric character class as your EverQuest Platinum hunter is empowered by holy powers. They are the most powerful healer class in EverQuest Online. They the character class which are reliable in supporting the group’s health. They are very useful on mob runs and boss runs. Let us feature the Cleric character class for collecting Platinum.

everquest titanium hunting with clerics


Holy Powers for EverQuest Platinum

Clerics have the most effective healing abilities on EverQuest and they are the primary classes which has the most used healing spells. Clerics have solo ability comes from the “Vow of Valor” line of spells. It provides the cleric the ability to increase melee damage and high percentage of self regeneration but it will cost of making their direct healing abilities to become half. That is why clerics are one of the most difficult classes in solo playing.

Clerics on Group Play for EverQuest Platinum

Despite of being the worst solo player, clerics are very useful on team plays. Because of the high rates of healing abilities they also have the capability to tank monster mobs or boss monsters. By its self regeneration they can receive lots of damage that can help other classes.

It is a good habit to take a cleric class to your group when you are farming for lots of Platinum on powerful monsters, because they can give you aid for supporting and tanking.

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