EverQuest Platinum Hunting in the Village in the Hills

Farming the named mobs in Oceangreen Hills and Oceangreen Village is some of the best money for players approaching level 90/95. There are tons of named mobs all over Oceangreen Village and a few scattered named mobs in Oceangreen Hills. Every named you kill drops a piece of loot that can be sold in The Bazaar for 4,500pp to 7,500pp. This may not seem like much at first but factor in the tons of Defiant Gear you’re going to be getting with the Tradeskill Items and you’re looking at quite a bit of plat per hour from farming these named mobs!

oceangreen for hunting everquest platinum


Monster Mobs for EverQuest Platinum

In order to get the named mobs to spawn in Oceangreen Village all you need to do is kill every single Relatively Weak spawn mob throughout the whole zone. Actually, you pretty much just pull everything and non-stop kill as almost everything is a placeholder. Keep an eye out for the named mobs as you’re killing everything in the zone. They’ll start spawning quick after hunting here for awhile. Further down on this page is a complete list of all the named mobs that I know about in this area.

These nameds also have a chance to drop Archaic gear but this gear doesn’t sell too well in The Bazaar. I normally just give it to my pet (if I am on a class that has one); if you want to try to sell it in The Bazaar you can get a couple hundred plat per piece but it just doesn’t seem that worth it.

EverQuest Platinum Earning and Leveling

You can gain enough experience points for your character in several areas. This will help you gain level and leveling up means growing strong if your character. The estimated time of one hour you can gain atleast 4,500pp to 7,500pp.

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