EverQuest Platinum Hunting in Sky Shrine

Sky Shrine is one of the good spot for farming EverQuest Platinum. The farming spot can be found right off of Cobalt Scar which you can enter from the Guild hall. A huge amount of platinum can be found in the area because of the monsters you can kill here. Read more about the Sky Shrine and earn platinum now.

everquest platinum in the sky shrine

Sky Flyers for EverQuest Platinum

The monster mobs in this farming area have a huge agro radius luckily very few of them see through invisible units. The sky shire is a huge zone so there is an opportunity to earn big platinum. Few players can recognize this zone for farming because of the monster’s huge agro radius. In other words you are being chased by monsters one by one as you pass thru their radius. It is an advantage if you don’t have any rivals on killing the monsters; well that means more for you.

Monster drops includes the spinneret fluid, marrow silk and pelts which you can sell in the bazaar with a great price.

EverQuest Platinum Purchasing and Selling

Once you earned much platinum that you never expected you can sell your extra platinum in PlayerAuctions or you can buy platinum if you are lacking much time to grind. Earn profits with your hard work and timeless grinding. You can buy and sell the platinum you earned and get profits in exchange of your grinding.


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