EverQuest Platinum Hunting with the Wild’s Fury

The Wild in EverQuest Online has its king. Beastlord is one of the unique character classes in EverQuest Online. This character class has the powers of the monk and the shaman class. Beastlord is always along with his powerful pets in the battle. Let us feature the Beastlord character class for collecting EverQuest Platinum.

beastlord farming of everquest titanium


EverQuest Platinum with the Beastlord

Beastlords can imbue their pets with powers and combat enemies with hand to hand skills or equipped with weapons. Beastlords can also debuff their enemies with spells and help allies with their modest healing abilities. Because of these abilities, Beastlords are very capable and effective on solo plays and adventures at any level. They are also very useful in group plays.

Beastlord’s Abilities for EverQuest Platinum

Beastlords are trained for combat skills like Kick, Dodge, Dual Wield, Block and Riposte. These abilities are trained for Beastlords for damaging. The Magic Skills Beastlords have the Abjuration, Alteration, Conjuration, Divination, Evocation and Meditate for debuff and supporting the group. Fletching is the only tradeskill you can learn for Beastlords. For the language skills all language are trained but not the common tongue. You can check out more of the Beastlord’s abilities and skills if you play the EverQuest Online Game.

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