EverQuest Platinum with the Shadow Knight

One of the durable classes in EverQuest online is the Shadow Knight. It is the warrior and necromancery hybrid class character which has vampiric and damage over time spells. They can summon skeleton units that can help him collect EverQuest Platinum but these skeletons are weak. Let us feature the shadow knight and the things they can do for farming Platinum.

Shadow Knight’s abilities for earning EverQuest Platinum

Shadow knights have the ability to summon skeleton units for helping the shadow knight fight the monsters. These skeleton units are summoned thru the units in the area where the shadow knight’s presence is present. Shadow knights also have the ability to cast feign death. The feign death spell allows the Shadow knight to function as a puller for the group. The agro will be cleared on the group once the feign death is successfully casted. It means the monster will identify your group as dead.

everquest titanium hunting with shadow knight

Shadow knight’s skills for EverQuest Platinum hunting

Shadow knights are required to worship an evil god named Bertoxxulous, Innoruuk or Cazic-Thule. Shadow knights are trained with Parry, Double Attack, Riposte and Disarm. They are also trained with Abjuration, Alteration, conjuration, divination, evocation and meditation skills for helping their group. Fletching is the only tradeskill available for them.

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