EverQuest Platinum: the Group Origins

Every existing thing in the world has its own origin. Everything starts from nothing. In EverQuest Platinum Lore is created for specification of the species in the game. There are several lore in the game that might give you the knowledge how they started from nothing. Check the details below for the beginning of the lore.

everquest platinum in desert of ro

EverQuest Platinum: Lore of the Desert of Ro

The desert of Ro is a vast and deadly that is surrounded by the city of Freeport. Innothule Swamp, the Commonlands and the Timorous Deep Ocean. Variety of creatures inhabit the desert and the Oasis within making it a thrilling place for travelers to adventure. The villager speak that what is now the northern Desert of Ro was once the northern reaches of the ancient Elddar Forest – the former home of the elves who had once resided upon Antonica, It was call Tunaria. This forest was rumored that is the most beautiful woodland Norrath has ever discovered.

EverQuest Platinum: Inside the discovered Desert

The most beautiful woodland Norrath has ever seen spanning the whole of what is now the desert of Ro and the Oasis of Marr. This forest is rumored which burned to the ground by the burning wrath of Solusek Ro. The Oasis of Marr is within the merciless, dry grip of the Northern and Southern Deserts of Ro. This is also known as the jewel of Antonica.


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