Forest in the Center of the Continent, the Zone for EverQuest Platinum

Kithicor Forest has recently become a much more dangerous, dark place. In days past, it was a quiet wood where an intrepid explorer could find many things of interest, but now it is overrun. It is confusing to travel in only because there aren’t too many identifiable waypoints and the range that one can see is limited, but it contains good hunting for two different ranges of adventurers, as well as several unique item which will give you an opportunity to earn EverQuest Platinum if you sell these unique items in the market.

lost forest for everquest platinum

The Danger Awaits for EverQuest Platinum

Following the opening of the Plane of Hate, this zone has become significantly more dangerous. At night, there are many very high levels (level 35+) undead in the zone, which are highly aggressive. These undead can also sometimes be found during the day. In addition, different creatures are now appearing here, such as goblin workers and will-o-wisps. The shadowed men have recently taken up appearing in this zone with frightening frequency. Their stepped up presence has turned a previously relatively safe zone into a much more dangerous one, as they often can’t be seen until close, form into cohesive and deadly groups, and are extremely powerful. Keep your eyes peeled for this new group of inhabitants.

This zone is very dangerous to travel through, whether day or night. At night time the powerful undead are mostly over 40th level spawn all over the zone. In the daytime, these undead no longer spawn, but if more powerful characters did not destroy them they will still be walking around. It is only relatively safe to run along the walls, as the monsters can charm you off of the wall.

Benefits and EverQuest Platinum you can earn

The items in this zone are probably the most sought after items in the game for this level range. Skimming through the listing reveals mainstays of high-priced auctions. This is also a great area for experience for higher level characters. It is also something of a training ground for fighting in the higher level dungeons on EverQuest for EverQuest Platinum, as the skills that you develop here for advanced grouping are absolutely essential when you move to the even more dangerous dungeons.


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