Freezing Mist of Northern Tundra Zone for Hunting EverQuest Platinum

everquest platinum hunting in northern tundra

Permafrost Keep is an ancient ice giant castle that has fallen into ruin, buried in the glaciers that are slowly claiming the northlands. Most of the ancient castle lies in ruins, and what is left consists of rediscovered areas of the old castle and a warren of caves dug out by the goblins who owe fealty to the great dragon Lady Vox. Ice Giants still live here, trapped deep beneath in the cold, waiting in attendance on their master.

Zone Benefits other than EverQuest Platinum

Lady Vox herself typically draws the most attention these days, as the players become more and more powerful. Although she herself is godlike in power, the items that she typically drops are equal to the risk, and many guilds and groups vie for the chance to fight her.

There are a couple of specific areas that are relatively safe to hunt in for large periods of time. One is the Flag Room, named such because of the flag hanging on an ancient pole in the middle of the room. A group of the appropriate level can stay up against the wall and pull from the flag room and the room beyond for quite some time. This requires a powerful and well-coordinated group, however, as you can accidentally pull as many as five spell casting goblins at once.

EverQuest Platinum Hunting in Bestiaries

In this Zone there are several species and monsters lurking. The hollowness of the Tundra which makes these monsters blood warm. Monsters such as Ice Goblin, Goblin Mendicants, Diviners, Evokers, Priests, Prelates, Wizards, Sages, Elite Goblin Guard, Giant Wooly Spider, Dire Pup, Young Dire Wolf, Dire Wolf, Large Dire Wolf, Giant Dire Wolf, Icy Terror, Giant Polar Bear, Ice Giant Youth, Ice Giant, Ice Giant Magi, and Ice Giant Priest are lurking in the cold caves and planes of the Permafrost. Earn EverQuest Platinum with these monsters as you dig deep in the cold.


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