Gauntlgrym Lore for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Hunters

neverwinter astral diamonds hunting with lore

Gauntlgrym is the legendary ancestral home of the Delzoun Dwarves, long thought myth by any and all non-dwarven race. Though every dwarf maintained that it existed simply because they knew it did. Gauntlgrym was the capital of Delzoun, and was the home of the famous forge that was powered by Maegera the Fire Primordial. It was with the help of the gift bestowed upon the Dwarves by the Elves that made trapping Maegera possible.

In return for helping the Elves build the Hosttower, the Elves provided Gauntlgrym with the Tendrils of Magic, which facilitated the usage of Water Elementals to trap Maegera. This allowed the Dwarves to use the Primordial to fire the forges, making it possible for them to create legendary weapons and armor, thus allowing the Delzoun clan to claim supremacy among Dwarf kind in the North.

Forgotten Realms for Hunters of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

Gauntlgrym, in Forgotten Realms lore, it is an ancient ruined dwarven city. Via the Underdark it links to many places such as Deepearth, Nuur Throth, and Shadowdale.

  • Delzoun Explorers – A society dedicated to restoring the city of Gauntlgrym to its former glory, the Delzoun Explorers were founded by a scion of the Delzoun bloodline and a high-minded sage with a map. Upon declaring their intentions to occupy, excavate and repopulate the lost city they quickly gained popular support as well as bulging coffers. They have imposed strict procedures for documenting and reclaiming lost treasures.
  • Luskan Corsairs – The Luskan Corsairs describe themselves as enterprising individuals dedicated to the advancement of personal wealth. Hailing from (and not planning to return to) the fallen city of Luskan, the Corsairs know the way to lost Gauntlgrym, and intent to squeeze every last ancient coin out of the ruin. They claim rights to the plunder due to historical ties to the lost human kingdom of Illusk, which helped to build the original city of Gauntlgrym.

Profitable Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

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