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One thing great MMORPG’s is that you have that exploring opportunity in a world that you have no idea at all. But then again, we wouldn’t be knowledgeable of the real world without guidance when we were young right? So, it doesn’t hurt to get help from guides when it comes to MMORPG. Fortunately, there’s someone in Reddit who posted a player-written guide to help a starting player. For example, how to get GW2 Gold, level, etc.

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GW2 Gold: First Part

Here’s the first part of the guide:

So one of your friends has convinced you to try Guild Wars 2 with them. You’ve finally made your character, and finished the tutorial. But now what?

While most games lack a good end game, personally for me, Guild Wars 2 lacked a good start game, mainly because the lack of direction. By no means is there not enough to do, but rather too much to do in such a large world that you either don’t know where to begin, or can’t begin yet because you’re not high enough level.

A lot of your friends are probably raiding, running fractals, gathering mastery points to get above that level 80 cap, or farming for gold in some of the more fun and enjoyable Heart of Thorns maps. But what about you, the new starting player?

Outside of the personal story, which is basically the main storyline of the game, much of your gameplay is heavily driven by personal goals. Do you want to master all the dungeons and run them for gold and loot? Then do it. Do you want to earn map completion for the entire game world? Then do it. Do you want to collect all the armor styles and create each of your characters around an idea or style? Then do it. There’s a variety of things to do in Guild Wars 2, but as a starting character it can be kind of rough.

As soon as you finish the tutorial and gather some money, go and find the nearest merchant and buy bags. You’re going to need lots of bag space, because your inventory can fill up quick. Along with that, get some gathering tools, and a salvaging kit. Gathering tools will help you gather resources around the map, and a salvaging kit will help you break down unneeded equipment into crafting components. Now why would you want to fill your inventory up with crafting components? Because they can be deposited into your bank and free up space in your inventory by clicking the gear wheel. Those are pretty much the first few things you want to do, and will continue to do throughout the game as you continue to play.

Watch out for the rest of the guide. You cannot get this anywhere even if you buy GW2 gold.

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