What is Habbo Club and How Can It Help You Earn More Habbo Credits

Like most free-to-play games, Habbo has content that is restricted to certain players. In this case, those players are those who are in the Habbo Club. What is this club, how do you get in it and can it help you get Habbo Credits is what today’s guide will be all about. We will also go over the brief history of this membership system.


Benefits for Habbo Credits collectors

Being a member of the Habbo Club (HC) confers special benefits. The most noticeable of which is access to exclusive content. This includes HC-only clothing styles, and room layouts. The said clothing styles can be colored using hues originally not accessible to normal players. The styles can also be saved. Meanwhile, HC-only room layouts can have multiple levels and can incorporate stairs.

Habbo Club members also have a longer list of friends reaching up to 1,100 entries.  They also have access to more commands and can use three additional dances: Pogo Mogo, Duck Funk and The Rollie. To show other players that they are part of the club, they also get an exclusive Habbo Club Badge. Members of the club also have the exclusive ability to create groups as well as unlimited games of SnowStorm.

Items for Habbo Credits collectors

When it comes to furniture, Habbo Club members also get a free one every month. Membership also grants them access to a special section in the catalog. They also get five offers to use on the Marketplace. Note that while access to exclusive areas and the extra benefits are lost when membership ends, furniture already obtained will stay with your character.

Using Habbo Credits for membership

Membership for Habbo Club is bough using Habbo Credits. One month of membership costs 25 coins, while three months costs 60 coins. Note however that throughout the year the price varies. This is largely due to promotions and events held by the game’s publishers. Oftentimes, Habbo Club membership is used as a reward for competitions in the game.

It is important to know that Habbo Club does not always require real money. As pointed out, it is paid for using the in-game currency. The latter can be earned for free in-game, through events or bought with cash.


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