Complete Beginner’s Guide to Habbo Furni – Norms, Rares and Super Rares

If you’re new to Habbo, then one of the questions you will probably come across is what is Habbo Furni? For starters, furni is short for furniture. In this popular online game, players spend a lot of time and resources accumulating furniture to customize their rooms in Habbo Hotel. We’ll go over how furniture is classified in the game and what this means for you and your virtual avatar.


Getting normal Habbo Furni

Before you go and buy Habbo Furni, you would do well to know that these items come in two rarities. First there is normal furniture, and second, there is rare furniture. Note that the game will not outright specify if an item is rare or not, unlike in other online games. The rarity of a piece of furniture is largely dependent on its value to the community.

Going back, a piece of furniture is considered normal, otherwise called “Norms,” if it is easily accessible. Often times, furniture released in the official shop are considered normal. Another indicator if your Habbo furni is a normal one is its price. Norms usually cost anywhere from 1 to 50 credits.

Rare Habbo Furni for you

As mentioned, item rarity in Habbo is largely based on how the community values it. How hard it is to acquire as well as how many of the said furniture is in circulation also help determine its rarity. Price is also taken into consideration, with most rares selling between 60 to 100 Credits. In the end though, its value to the community still prevails. Take for example the Throne furniture. While this item is readily available in the game, the community considers it highly valuable and is thus considered a rare furni.

Super Rare Habbo Furni information

Super Rares are furniture that is incredibly hard to acquire in-game. These are usually furniture that come from events, seasonal sales, contest prizes and the like. Expect prices ranging from 200 credits up to 10,000 credits and even more for these items. One of the easiest ways to identify if an item is a super rare is if it is limited edition. Note that the community also considers some relatively normal items as super rares, like the Throne.

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