Taking A Look Back At VIP Membership for Habbo Furni Collectors

The Habbo Club may be the main way to get premium Habbo Furni now, but there used to be a time that there were other methods. For two years, Habbos can get special benefits through VIP Membership. This type of membership offered rewards similar to those obtained by Habbo Club members. Today’s article will take a look at this old membership system.


Special Habbo Furni and benefits

For a brief time, players of Habbo who wanted exclusive furniture could only get them through VIP Membership. This premium system gave players access to special items. It also allowed players to use more complex clothing designs and save up to ten outfits. VIP members also gained access to larger rooms and Black Hole furni. This allowed VIPs to customize rooms further.

Players who are more interested in earning credits and profiting from furniture also got benefits from the membership. Members were given 10 marketplace listing. Additionally, members also get a free piece of exclusive furniture each month they are a VIP member.

Non-Habbo Furni benefits

The benefits of VIP membership was not limited to just furniture related items and features. VIP Members also got a VIP badge to show off their status. This can then be shown to their friends that can be added to their upgraded 1,100 entry long friends list. Additionally, only VIP members can create groups. They also had access to the :chooser command and the :furni command. Lastly, VIPs had access to a separate queue when lining up for public rooms.

How Habbo Furni collectors used to get VIP

The VIP membership system was released on April 13, 2010 as an upgrade to Habbo Club. It was later removed on January 16, 2013 and the Habbo Club as we know it now took it place. During its run, players can become a VIP member by paying with coins via the catalog. One month of membership cost 25 coins, while three months went for 60 coins. Similar to Habbo Club, the cost of VIP membership also changed due to promotions and events. One such promotion during 2012 offered one year of VIP membership for only 100 coins. One day VIP status was also used commonly as rewards for events and competitions.


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