Heavy Weapons for Heavy Damage to Hunt Aion Kinah

Players have a variety of weapons available to them. In all there are 9 different types of weapons: Daggers, Swords, Maces, Staves, Spell books, Orbs, Great swords, Pole arms, and Bows. The limitation of what types of weapon can be used is based on the class a player has chosen. However, there are some Stigma stones that may allow one class to use weapons not normally available to them.

Choose your class and a respective weapon class will be selected for you. Farm Aion Kinah using your weapon of choice.

aion kinah hunting with greatswords

Greatswords for Hunting Aion Kinah

Greatswords are massive swords with a broad blade and two lethal cutting edges. They allow for both offensive and defensive skills. Due to the much larger size, these weapons require the use of both hands to control. Greatswords have a very tight range between its minimum damage and maximum damage. Templars tend to use greatswords for a higher damage output when a shield is not required. Gladiators sometimes prefer greatswords over pole arms when they wish to deal out consistent damage to their enemies.


Aion Kinah Profits

Profiting through grinding is worth it since you are earning by your hard work and dedication. Once you gain profits for Aion Kinah and you saved a lot of it, you can gain money to it. By the players who are looking for game currency they are obliged to purchase in game currency. Most of these players don’t have enough time to grind for themselves. By selling your Aion Kinah at PlayerAuctions, you can help them get the Kinah amount they need.

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