Hunt the Mecha-Humans for EverQuest Platinum

Are you struggling for EverQuest Platinum? You can check out the plane of innovation which can be farming and leveling spot for level 80 characters. Read more below about this farming spot for EverQuest Platinum.

corroded model for everquest platinum

Corroded Model and Clockworks for EverQuest Platinum

In this farming spot you’ll find a ton of materials you can throw up on your trader. You can attempt to sell in the Bazaar which is used in Tinkering. Aside from that you’ll find valuable defiant gear, mainly because it is used by twinks to kill Naggy/Vox. These items can be sold with a good price on the merchant or bazaar. You will also find a lot of stuff that can be sold to vendors for quite a bit, and since you will be killing everything in this spot quickly it will add up fast.

You can spend your time killing these monsters since they can produce massive items in exchange for platinum

EverQuest Platinum Purchasing and Selling

Once you earned much platinum that you never expected you can sell your extra platinum in PlayerAuctions or you can buy platinum if you are lacking much time to grind. You can buy and sell the platinum you earned and get profits in exchange of your grinding.


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