Hunting STO Credits in the Alpha Quadrant: the Elachi Alert Weekend

The Alpha Quadrant is one of 4 quadrants in the Milky Way. It is home to the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi and the United Federation of Planets.

elachi weekend for sto credits

While only about 25% of the quadrant had been sufficiently explored, it was known to contain examples of shocking interstellar beauty and scientific wonder such as the Argolis Cluster, the Arachnid Nebula, and the Badlands.

Alert Weekend in the Alpha Quadrant

Attention STO Credits Hunters, the Elachi are pouring into the Alpha Quadrant from previously undiscovered Iconian space gates in order to abduct helpless people! The Elachi have been doing with their captives, we need every Captain at the ready to help stop their forces. For a limited time only, the Elachi Alert queued event will return to Star Trek Online. From now until September 7th at 10AM PDT, close these doors to subspace and receive bonus mark rewards.

A joint fleet has gathered here to stop them. The fleet consists of science ships that have disabled their weaponry in order to divert all available resources to disabling the gate. We’ll need to protect them from the Elachi until they finish their work. Remember that the science vessels efficiency will drop as they lose crew members to the Elachi. Defend the joint fleet from the Elachi in order to ensure their success. Be careful of Elachi harvesters who’ll abduct everyone who can disable the space gate.

The Elachi Alert queue will offer a 50% bonus to mark rewards during this event! Quick Captains! You’re needed on the frontlines to stop the invading forces before we lose more Captains!

Profits thru STO Credits

This weekend might be a very productive source of STO Credits. You can farm STO Credits as well as farming for star ship materials or starship upgrades, you can check out the market platform of some marketplaces. You can also sell your credits if you have great income, earn profits using your STO credits and sell it to other players. Having good profits in credits will give you chance to purchase in-game premium items


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