Introduction to Basics for STO Credits Buyers Part 2

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Star trek online has been in existence for a long time. Many games have deteriorated, but star trek online is getting strong, or maintaining an average user in order to keep their makers alive.

In the previous part, we talked about the overview of classes in the game. Wherein, tactical officer focuses on damage per second, while engineer and science focuses on buffing, healing, debuffing and support stuff.

In this article, we are going to dive right into how complex star trek online.

Introduction to Basics for STO Credits Buyers: Complexity

Due to almost a decade of existence star trek online has archived tons of content that made it even more complex when it was first released.

Basically, what do we mean by complex is possibilities in the game.

In star trek online, there are two modes: the spaceship mode and ground mode. In these two game modes, there are specifically efficient build, and superior build. Wherein, there are builds that excel on the space mode, and ground mode. And these factors are guided by skill build and ship structure.

Unlike other games, star trek online is not direct, as a warrior needs strength in order to gain more damage. This kind of stuff does not go in star trek online.

Introduction to Basics for STO Credits Buyers: Builds

Basically, there two kinds of build: player versus environment build and player versus player build. The builds still varies in classes like other MMORPG games out there. However, star trek online does not end with tank build and damage per second build, it is more complex like combining both.

Introduction to Basics for STO Credits Buyers: Conclusion

In conclusion, the complexity of star trek online is deeper than MMORPG nowadays, which people tend to avoid. We hate complex stuff after all.


Since it is complex, people never get tired of it, as there is always new to try and discover. It is not static like most MMORPG in the web.


Discuss what you think about the complexity of star trek online with STO credits buyers in the community of star trek online who help budding players in their adventure!

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