Light Fighting War Birds for STO Credits

Today the featured star ship in collecting STO Credits is the T’Varo Light War Bird Retrofit. This star ship is an upgraded version of the War birds use in the 23rd century. Like the T’liss, the T’Varo has the fast speed and it can be maneuverable. This Star Ship can be unlocked at Vice Admiral or Tier 5 level War Bird.

light war bird for sto credits

STO Credits Collection with Light Retrofit Ships

You can get this ship when you purchase the Legacy or the Legacy Starter Pack. This ship is equipped with the Universal Plasma Destabilizer Console. This plasma console can fire a destabilized plasma torpedo, which deals extreme damage upon impact over a large area. It can also weaken the hull armor of the affected enemies. This console does not require a weapon slot.

The T’Varo Light war bird retrofit is the smallest and most agile of the current war birds. Its natural turn rate of 18 is the highest of any existing Romulan Republic Ships. It gives the player a huge amount of agility when facing even relatively fast ships. With these three (3) tactical consoles and a commander tactical bridge officer, the T’Varo is every bit as well-suited to cannon/turret builds than any existing war birds. T’Varo is considerable the most fragile.

There upcoming new star ships in Star Trek Online. The featured ships can be seen at the Legacy Pack. These ships will be in your hands once you purchase your own Legacy Pack. Own these ships and battle in the space for supremacy. Show what your faction ships can do to dominate the outer space and become victorious.

Purchase and Selling STO Credits for profits

Using these ships you can earn STO Credits as you fight in the space. Have you thought about the things you can do with your earned credits? You check out the PlayerAuctions marketplace and sell your STO Credits or you can also buy credits to other players who are selling credits. Once you became a member of PlayerAuctions the priviledge of selling and buying in-game goods.



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