Monster Plains: Haunted by Hunters of EverQuest Platinum

The Western Plains of Karana are on the route from Qeynos area and the west coast of Antonica to the east. There is one major path that dips to the south of the mountain region at the northern edge, connecting Qeynos Hills and the Plains to the east, a place where you can see monsters lurking in the plains. You can kill these monsters to earn EverQuest Platinum.

A river forms the southern boundary of the zone, and mountains the northern boundary. Both areas have people of interest. The north hides a camp of ogres and bandits in the hills. The south has a camp of entrepreneurial barbarians as well as the creeping hordes of undead that are slowly spreading over the land. And throughout it all, bandits are trying to reclaim this area as theirs.

karana plain monsters for hunting everquest platinum

Dangerous Spots for EverQuest Platinum

This area can be very dangerous, although there aren’t many creatures wandering around that are aggressive to you outright. It’s more of an area where creatures attack you based on what you’ve done to them, the only exceptions being hill giants and grizzly bears. The other monsters, including the lions, wolves, and bears which will attack you only if you’ve developed a reputation for killing one or more of them, and it’s hard not to in this part of Antonica, although I’ve heard that the lions are aggressive to just about everyone, regardless of this.

EverQuest Platinum Profits in the Plains

This is the only area on the western coast, other than Everfrost Peaks, for collecting cat pelts to make medium sized patchwork armor. If you are human, this is where you must come to get those pelts and make that armor. You can also find wolf and bear pelts here.

This is not an area with a great deal of wealth, as, for now, killing the large bugs doesn’t get you any booty. You’ll make more money killing fire beetles. Lions will make you some gold, however, as they occasionally have high quality pelts which you can sell for several gold. It is a great area, however, for hunting for days on end, as you can buy food in this area as well as sell your goods for pretty good prices.

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