[Guide] Getting more RS gold by collecting Limpwurt Roots

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http://bigriverbindery.com/r.php A good simple guide for FREE players for making more RS gold just by collecting Limpwurt roots.

[Guide] Getting more RS gold by collecting Limpwurt Roots
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A simple guide for FREE players to use to make more RS gold

http://click.marissa-lynn.com/the-profitable-editors-kit/clkn/http/edit.marissa-lynn.com/product/the-profitable-editors-kit-discount-249?buy-now The limpwurt roots are use to create strength potion and super strength potion that is combined with Tarromin and Kwuarm along with Herblore skill. You can also find the Limpwurt roots at the Poletax’s Herblore shop. With the use of level 26 Farming skill, you can also grow Limpwurt roots using the Limpwurt seeds. Before you collect limpwurt roots, you need at least level 20 Dungeoneering skill and a brass key. You can buy a brass key at the Grand Exchange for a couple of RS gold.


There are 4 Limpwurt roots spawning points within the Edgeville dungeon where the Hill giants are. To be able to access the dungeon, you need a brass key to be able to enter the hut that you can find at the east of River Lum. Once you entered the dungeon, you can now start collect as much limpwurt roots as possible or until your invenrtory is full. You can also get some limpwurt roots when you killed the Hill Giants around the area. Once you’re done, you can now start selling the limpwurt roots at the Grand Exchange for RS gold.


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