Patch Notes: Few Changes for Hunters of Neverwinter Gold

Initial Patch notes for the month of April have been released. The patch notes focus on fashion stuff, content environment, balancing, economy, and localization.

neverwinter gold hunting

These changes will surely affect the Neverwinter Gold hunters in their grinding, visual changes or any kinds of changes that will give them a new perspective in the game.

Events and Changes for Hunters of Neverwinter Gold

They’ve launched an event called “Day of the Dungeon Master”;

  • Crystal Dice now explicitly state where players can acquire them.
  • Portobello’s Fashion items now display correctly on all character races and genders.
  • Portobello’s Foot Race no longer gets into a “stuck” state.
  • Portobello’s Wand of Sight
    • Players may no longer interact with objects or contacts while using this item.
    • This item no longer changes the player’s companion to look like the player character.
    • This item now consistently teleports the player forward if they teleported while using this item.
  • The player’s chosen flavor of Lathander’s Dew now drops consistently when playing the Respen’s Marvelous Game queue.

In Content and Environment; the Castle Never, If a player character is dead when Orcus dies, they now properly respawn at the nearest campfire, rather than the beginning of the instance.

The Powers and Balance; Hunter Ranger, Split Shot: The “aiming” portion of this power no longer displays its visual effect to other players.

 Items and Economy Changes for Neverwinter Gold Hunters

Potion of Fey Healing and Potion of Heroism can once again be purchased from the Sharandar rewards vendor by Neverwinter Gold hunters.

  • The Hunter Ranger Booster Pack is once again in the Zen Market.
  • The coupon, “Limited Time: 20% Off Watler” now properly gives a 20% discount, instead of 15%.

In the User Interface they’ve changed Queue Accept pop-ups now properly display even if the player’s system clock is not synced to their local time.

Localization in the Zen Market; The Void Locket now properly states that it gives Dread Enchantments rather than Shadowclad Enchantments when playing in Italian.

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