Scouting Spy in your EverQuest Platinum Hunting

In this blog we will feature the Scouts character classes which are Animalist, Bards, Predators and Rogues. But the spotlight goes to the Predator classes. Sneaking upon your journey and may escort you on your death. The Predators can be played in your Everquest platinum and this might give you the experience to use a sneaky but deadly character class.  scout for everquest platinum

Everquest platinum: Predator Class Introduction

The Predators in your Everquest platinum is divided into two (2) character class. We have the Ranger and the Assassin. The Rangers are unrivalled in their ability to hunt enemies and scout dangers in the untamed wilds of Norrath. Rangers are known for sneaking in safely through dangerous fields and territories. Rangers also have the ability to use stealth, perception and cunning to find out the enemies and make them fall from a distance with a deadly precision of arrows.


Everquest platinum: Sneaky Introduction to Assassins

Assassins are the master of fatal strikes in your Everquest platinum. Waiting for the right opportunity to strike and deliver the fatal blow to kill their victims. Skilled at surprising unwitting opponents, they attack suddenly and deliver massive damage. Assassins are well known for using deadly poisons to debilitate their targets before finishing them off.

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