Southern Desert of RO Zoning for Hunters of EverQuest Platinum

Southern Desert of Ro marks the southern edge of the vast and dangerous Desert of Ro. It is the home base for the Orcs that have spread northward into the desert proper, and their huts literally cover the grassy region next to the moister Innothule Swamp to the south.

southern desert of ro for everquest platinum

This zone is quite dangerous, especially if you didn’t reach it by travelling through the much more dangerous northern Desert of Ro, in which case it seems like safe haven in comparison. This zone is a lower level zone than the Oasis of Marr to the north, and there are far fewer Sand Giants roaming the dunes, as well as fewer madmen. There are, however, more undead running around, including frequent ghouls and the occasional dry bone skeleton. All of these will attack you on sight.

Bestiaries of the Sand for EverQuest Platinum

This area is like a higher level version of North Ro, and provides some good hunting for solo’s up to level 20 and groups up to level 17 or so, depending on their size. It is also generally uncrowded, and you can take out Orc camps all day without much competition.

The Dervish Cutthroat camps in this area are also less frequently camped, normally, and tend to be a bit tougher than the camps to the north. With the addition of the very frequent wandering monster attack, these camps are tougher than the ones in North Ro.

Merchants for EverQuest Platinum

The merchant camp in the middle is a good place to sell for EverQuest Platinum and the evil races that aren’t like elsewhere. They will also sell to people that they like from the good races as well, although will refuse service to most. The other plus is that Ortallius and Rathmana are here. I haven’t done either of their quests, but Rathmana offers an interesting bargain for EverQuest Platinum where you pay to pull out a random scroll, and is apparently the end of some other quest that I haven’t discovered yet.


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