Star Ships Collecting STO Credits in Legacy Pack

The latest pack for Star Trek online is now on its release month. You can check out the preview of the Legacy Pack for additional STO Credits collector. In the after math of the destruction of Romulus and Remus; once again you will fight again for your freedom. Build your legacy with the new added features.

T’Varo Light War Bird for STO Credits collecting

T’Varo Light War Bird for Collecting STO Credits

One of the newly developed Star Ship is the T’Varo Light War Bird. This War Bird has the speed of light and but maneuverable. This ship included a Singularity Stabilizer console. This console can bring a dead or offline singularity back to online. It can provide a gradual boost to Singularity power. This ship can be used by beginner players since this ship is a starting level ship and it can be unlocked at Tier 1.

STO Credits collection with the Scorpion Fighter

This ship is famous Star Ship in Star Trek: Nemesis. The Scorpion Fighter is fast and maneuverable. Behind its speed, the Scorpion Fighter has a small, highly efficient Singularity Core. This Singularity Core is capable of using the Singularity Overload ability. The Singularity Overload can fire a devastating barrage of attacks that can destroy enemies star ships.

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