STO Credit Hunting with the New Resolute Adv. Heavy Cruiser

The STO Credit Hunters are excited to the announced release of the new Resolute Class Advanced Heavy Cruiser. This ship is surely be used by the present players enjoying the space hunt and faction hunt. This Tier 6 starship is based upon the original design of the Excelsior Class starship. Like other Tier 6 ships it has been heavily retrofitted to include the latest in state-of-the-art technologies and has received a 2410 visual update.

sto credit hunting with the new cruiser ship

The STO Credit hunters are now ready to meet the new Cruiser ship for the upcoming update. Rev up and get ready for the new run.

STO Credit Hunting with the New Cruiser Ship

The Resolute Class Advanced Heavy Cruiser comes equipped with the Tactical Maneuvering Matrix universal console. When activated it provides a sizeable boost to turn rate, damage resistance and damage. This boost scales with the number of nearby enemies. In addition, this console provides a passive bonus to turn rate and damage resistance. In addition, this starship can unlock the Improved Weaponized Emitters starship trait by achieving level 5 in their Starship Mastery. While this trait is slotted your Aceton Beam and Overwhelm Emitters abilities cause radiation damage over time to enemies within 3km of the target.

The Resolute Class Advanced Heavy Cruiser can use all costume parts from any existing Advanced Heavy Cruiser regardless if you own the Advanced Heavy Cruiser or the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit.

Purchase and Selling STO Credits for profits

Using these ships you can earn STO Credit as you fight in the space. Have you thought about the things you can do with your earned credits? You check out this marketplace and sell your STO Credit or you can also buy credits to other players who are selling credits. Once you became a member of this platform the priviledge of selling and buying in-game goods.


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