Introduction to Basics for STO Credits Hunters Part 1


Choosing a class:

A player gets to select among three classes: tactical, engineer and science. Each class is unique. There is always a specific factor that makes a certain class superior than other classes.

Classes are added factor in a game’s mechanics, the more unique classes, and the more complex the game will become. Upon the progress in the game, classes determine how the player versus environment and player versus player will become. It is like the game’s border

Classes Comparison for STO Credits Hunters: Tactical

Consider the tactical officer as the warrior class in every MMORPG. It is focused on dealing damage per second.

Tactical officer is a class that over populates star trek online. Most people become tactical officers. They do not want to stand in the rear line and become as the supporting actor. Of course, everybody wants to become the main role in every role they play. It is a role playing game; expect that the warrior or damage dealer will be overpopulated.

Their color code is red.

Tactical officer is like an all in class, a wizard, a warrior and a thief. It can deal burst amount of damage, and also has an area of effect damage.

Classes Comparison for STO Credits Hunters: Engineers

If there is someone in the frontline stealing the entire spotlight, there is the person who works behind the scene, making the damage dealer even stronger.

Engineer is the support class in star trek online. They provide buffs that will increase the tactical class’ raw damage. It does not end with only buffing, it can also provide healing and ship repair. Overall, it is a class that does not leave the base alone.

Only few people choose to become support. As a result, this class is currently in demand, and will always be.

Classes Comparison for STO Credits Hunters: Science

The same as tactical officer, science officer can deal area of effect damage. Like engineers, science officer can also heal allies, buff allies, and especially it can debuff an enemy.


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