RS gold by Survive in the heat and collect the desert goat horns

Survive in the heat and collect the desert goat horns and make RS gold
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Make RS gold by collecting desert goat horns from the goats of desert

In the middle of the heat, you can make RS gold by simply killing the goats and collecting their desert goat horns in the Kharidian Desert. The desert goat horns can be used in Herblore by simply crushing the horn with pestle and mortar to make goat horn dust. This dust can be used to create Combat potion and also used to make Smoke Devil summoning pouch.


The goat can easily killed using decent two-handed weapons and they respawn in just several seconds. When you arrived in the Kharidian Desert, your health points will reduce due to the desert heat. You can prevent this by wearing desert clothings or enchanted water tiara. Once you’ve collected lots of horns, you can store them in the bank and repeat the process. Sell the entire horns in the Grand Exchange to make RS gold.


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