Tactical Path Introduction for STO Credits Hunters

Star Trek Online has the game feature which gives you the ability to choose a career path or also known as professions. Each career path offers certain bonuses towards specific play-styles in space and ground combat; example is the damage dealing or healing or robustness for the character roles are not very rigidly defined in Star Trek Online, and any character may fly any ship, wear any uniform, and equip almost any item; the only career-specific items being kits. Although Bridge Officers are likewise categorized into the three career paths, they solely determine the pool of abilities they have access to.

tactical career for hunters of sto credits

If you wish, your character can follow the Tactical, the Engineering or the Science. Although originally based on Starfleet’s departments, players of any faction have to decide for a career path during character creation. Like the player’s race, a career path is a permanent choice that cannot be altered later in game.

Tactical Path Introduction for STO Credits

Tactical officers are most useful in the DPS or Damage roles; they do their best work while dealing damage to enemies in ground and space combat. Tactical officers usually wear red and are best matched with Escort vessels for Federation and Raiders or Raptors for Klingon Empire, which are also the best starships in terms of inflicting damage to enemies.

They do this through maximizing the damage output of their Energy Beams & Cannons or Projectile weaponry like Torpedoes & Mines, and through increasing that potential through Attack Patterns (α, β, Δ, and Ω).

Profits thru STO Credits

There are cases that you don’t have much time grinding for STO credits as well as farming for star ship materials or starship upgrades, you can check out the market platform of some marketplaces. You can also sell your credits if you have great income, earn profits using your STO credits and sell it to other players. Having good profits in credits will give you chance to purchase in-game premium items.

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