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STO Credits Collection in the New Patrol Escort Refit

The Patrol Escort ships in Star Trek Online are getting an overhaul.  Gather your STO credits faster with the new refitted models. The latter features more equipment slots for  more customization. New Tempest class to gather STO Credits in The new Patrol Escort Refit: Tempest class boasts two new slots. It comes with a 5th Tactical Console slot that sports a Nadion Saturation Bomb console. Adding to its firepower is a 4th aft weapon slot, buy provigil over the counter

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Aion Kinah Hunter Dances the Heat Away with Dance Emoticons

The Aion store is updating its stock with new items. Players can now get Dance Emoticons and expansion tickets for their Aion Kinah hunter. Discounted Dance Emoticons for your Aion Kinah hunter Express your joy, or simply have fun with Dance Emoticons! Now available at a discounted price, you can now have your Aion Kinah hunter dance the heat away. Buy them individually or get them all with the new Dance bundle. More item storage buy provigil france

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STO Credits Collecting: Take a Break and Join the Beach Party

Take a break from fighting Undines and gathering STO Credits in Star Trek Online. Have fun with other players in the Beach Party event and get a chance to chat with CaptainSmirk. Beach Party with CaptainSmirk and STO Credits Fans Why not take a break from the fighting and collecting STO credits in the Undine events by joining the Beach party at Risa? Mingle with other players and meet with Community Manager, CaptainSmirk. The good buy provigil in uk

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Aion Kinah Collecting: Atreia is Back w/ Special Buffs

Stress starting to get to your characters in Aion? Why not have Aion’s medical specialists check your characters? Code Red: Atreia will be returning NPC doctors and nurses to give out buffs to characters without spending a single Aion Kinah. Special buffs for the Aion Kinah hunter Starting April 30 and lasting until May 14 NPC doctors and nurses will be available throughout Atreia. Doctors will be giving out potions and scrolls to players for provigil to buy online

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