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Primer on How to Earn STO Credits from the New Crafting System (Part I)

June 30, 2014 editor 0

The Research and Development crafting system in Star Trek Online allows players to create items in the game. Crafty players can use this to their advantage and make STO Credits from creating valuables from the many materials in the game. Knowing how the new system works however is key to this enterprise. Different Schools to earn STO Credits The new crafting system is divided into seven different categories called Schools. These are Shields, Beams, Science, […]

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STO Credits All Your Life! Lifetime Subscriptions on Sale!

June 23, 2014 editor 0

ashwagandha tea buy Tired of waiting to log into Star Trek Online? Wish you had the ZEN for a new ship? Are you devoted fan of the franchise and game? Then why not get a Lifetime Subscription for your STO Credits hunter while they’re on sale! Prepare to hunt STO Credits all your life From June 19 to July 10, Lifetime Subscriptions will be on sale. Pay $199.99 USD instead of $299.99 USD to get all the benefits […]

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STO Credits with New Research and Development Materials

June 20, 2014 editor 0

Season 9.5 of Star Trek Online will be introducing a new Research and Development system. Accompanying the new system are new materials collectors of STO Credits will encounter in the game. Bigger STO Credits for fewer materials The new materials come in three types, particles, metals and gases. Metals and gases can come in different qualities, ranging from common to rare. Particles however do not have a common quality. Players will be able to find […]

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Special Promo for Romulan Survivor Duty Officer for STO Credits Collectors

June 16, 2014 editor 0

Star Trek Online is having a special promotion for their Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack. Collectors of STO Credits buying the pack are in for a big surprise. By big, we mean cruiser size big. Free cruiser for collectors of STO Credits Until July 3, every purchase of the Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack from the C-Store comes with an extra container for STO Credits collectors. This container will have either 10 Lobi Crystals or […]

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STO Credits and Marks this Weekend with the Elachi Alert

June 13, 2014 editor 0

Star Trek Online is returning the Elachi Alert queued event for the weekend. The invaders are entering Alpha Quadrant from an unknown location and it’s up to the captains to stop it. Players can participate in this mission to receive STO Credits and various marks. When and what to do for STO Credits From June 12 to June 16, players can participate in the Elachi Alert queued event. In the mission, STO Credits hunters need […]

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STO Credits Hunter on a Summer Vacation at Risa

June 9, 2014 editor 0

Summer is here and Star Trek Online is giving captains a place to relax. Take a break from collecting STO Credits and enjoy the season in the Risa Summer event. Show off your STO Credits hunter’s swimwear Time to loosen up and lose the uniform! Players can go for a swim in new swimwear available from Risian tailors. Take a break from colleting STO Credits and try any of the 14 new swimwear available for […]

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STO Credits Hunters Enjoying the Summer with the New Screenshot Contest

June 2, 2014 editor 0

Beat the heat with Star Trek Online’s Summer Vacation Screenshot Contest. While players will not win STO Credits, ZEN prizes are waiting for artsy captains. Entering your STO Credits hunter’s images Players interested in joining have the whole month of June to take screenshots of their STO Credits hunter enjoying Summer Vacation. Images must be 1280×720 and must also have a 1920×1200 version. Contestants are limited to one entry, however they are free to use […]

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STO Credits in the Shuttle Event: Prove that Size Doesn’t Matter and Win

May 30, 2014 editor 0

Star Trek Online is having a Shuttle Weekend Event for STO Credits hunters. Players can swarm missions using the small craft from May 29 to June 2. Old missions with a new twist for STO Credits During the weekend, STO Credits hunters can use shuttles when playing select missions. Federation and Klingon Fleet Alert, No Win Scenario and Storming The Spire are among the queued events players can fly shuttles in. These missions will now […]

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STO Credits Hunter in the Lobi Store to Get Romulan Themed Items

May 28, 2014 editor 0

Star Trek Online players who missed out on the Tal Shiar Lockbox can still get their Tal Shiar Adapted Battle Cruiser. Head over to the Lobi Store and pick up the ship and other items for your STO Credits hunter now! Romulan items for your STO Credits hunter The New Romulus Weekend is drawing to close. However this doesn’t mean players have a chance of getting the Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser. The Lobi Store will […]

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STO Credits Reward that Can’t Buy from the Tal Shiar Lock Box this Weekend

May 26, 2014 editor 0

The Tal Shiar Lock Box returns to Star Trek Online! Get a chance to win special items you cannot get with STO Credits from this special box. Items and ships for STO Credits Players opening the Tal Shiar Lock Box have a chance to obtained one of several items or ships. Among these is the Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser. Also available for STO Credits hunters is the Mirror Universe Vor’cha Battle Cruiser and Ha’apax Advanced […]

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