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Primer on How to Earn STO Credits from the New Crafting System (Part I)

The Research and Development crafting system in Star Trek Online allows players to create items in the game. Crafty players can use this to their advantage and make STO Credits from creating valuables from the many materials in the game. Knowing how the new system works however is key to this enterprise. Different Schools to earn STO Credits The new crafting system is divided into seven different categories called Schools. These are Shields, Beams, Science, buy provigil modafinil online

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RIFT Platinum Collectors: Preview on Nightmare Tide Expansion

A new expansion, Nightmare Tide, is coming to RIFT! Players will get a whole new plane to explore filled with new quests, dungeons and slivers. RIFT Platinum collectors will also get new dynamic content as an increase to the level cap. New zones and quests to hunt RIFT Platinum in Nightmare Tide will be bringing players beyond Telara and into the Plane of Water. In this new plane characters can take on new quests, dungeons buy provigil bulletproof

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Aion Kinah Hunter’s Steel Cavalry June Update Preview: Plumes & Skills

The June Update for Aion’s Steel Cavalry is around the corner. With it come a lot of changes including a new accessory. Aion Kinah hunter’s skill books will also be affected. Plumes for your Aion Kinah hunter The new Plume accessory will be introduced in the June update. Players can enchant it with a Tempering Solution. This will add more stats to the item. The item can be traded for Aion Kinah regardless of the buy provigil over the counter

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[News] Get ready for the Halloween themed quest for RS gold

Players of Runescape, Halloween is now around the corner but Jagex released a new quest that you will experience a Halloween feeling to it. Missing, Presumed Death is the name of the new quest released by Jagex. You will get to see new places to explore, new riddles and puzzles to solve, and get a chance to battle the new walking dead monsters, gods, and mortals. The story of this quest is one of the buy provigil pills

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RS gold Farmers news for the New Bonds Feature

What is Bonds in RS Gold Farmers? The Bonds are in-game items which were released by Jagex just a week ago. This will allow players to redeem a account related benefits such as becoming MEMBER, addition spin in Squeal of Fortune, and a couple of RuneCoin. You can also buy items in Jagex Merchandise Store which and able to buy tickets for RuneFest. It is also a tradable item which you either gift them to provigil to buy online

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