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Gear up for Questing and Get Rewarded with Aion Kinah

February 6, 2015 admin 0

Questing is a big help when it comes to leveling and farming. These quests have bonus rewards that will help you grow your character. If you reach level 10, crafting quest on the town will be available. Take the entire available quest and somehow you will receive a big amount of Aion Kinah. The amount you’re going to receive will be enough for you to purchase essentials items for the level of your character. Just […]

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AION Kinah Hunter: The Strength of a Warrior

January 27, 2015 admin 0

Brute force and great resilience than guile and trickery the fearsome AION Kinah hunter; the warrior. It is the very common character class in every massively multiplayer online role playing game. But you can experience playing the path of a warrior in a unique way when you play AION. Always appreciate what these soldiers can do for you and your group because they bear the brunt of the attack and can reply with tremendous force […]

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