The Delta Alliance Doffs for STO Credits Hunters

With the Iconians waging war on all fronts, the Delta Alliance has been hard at work negotiating with the various races of the Delta Quadrant with your STO Credits Hunter. These negotiations pay off in the form of the Delta Alliance Duty Officer Pack. The duty officer pack brings Delta Quadrant species encountered during the events of Delta Rising to the Duty Officer system, allowing captains to staff their ships with Benthan, Hierarchy, Kazon, Malon, Ocampan, and Talaxian duty officers.

delta alliance for sto credit hunters

Reward Packs for STO Credits Hunter

Each pack is structured similarly to the Romulan Survivor Duty Officer Pack, which will be discontinued with the release of this new pack. When you open a Delta Alliance Duty Officer Pack, you will receive four white quality or better Duty Officers, two green quality or better Duty Officers, and one blue quality or better Duty Officer. In addition, each pack comes with an added bonus reward.

When opening a Delta Alliance Duty Officer Pack, in addition to any Duty Officer you receive, you will also get one (1) of the following special bonus prizes:

  • A stack of Gamma Quadrant Commodities
  • A stack of Embassy Provisions
  • A stack of Dilithium Mine Provisions
  • A stack of Spire Provisions
  • A stack of Research Lab Provisions
  • A set of Fleet Ship Modules
  • One of three Starship Traits for the Grand Prize.

Pack Rewards for STO Credits Hunter

Most of the bonus rewards are the same options which were available in previous duty officer packs. The Delta Alliance Duty Officer Pack also contains three new Starship Traits – Attack Pattern Delta Prime, Point Defense Protocols, and Scramble Fighters! In addition, we’ve added Research Lab Provisions for use with the new Research Lab fleet holding. Finally, we’ve brought back Fleet Ship Modules from the Fleet Support Duty Officer Pack, which can be used to purchase Fleet ships.


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