[Hot news!] The upcoming Runescape 3 and the coming mass produce of RS Gold

Runescape 3 is the new work developed by Jagex which is currently working on that includes some of the new features that are not available on the past version of Runescape. It is confirmed to be a single, massive update and not a series of content updates which it will release on July 22, 2013. There’s also good news for the old players. According to the news, players can still use their existing RS account to be able to play Runescape 3. So it means that your RS gold and some other items in your inventory are not wasted and can be use for RS 3 gold.

Hot new features coming your way

The features for the new RS3 is basically an “upgraded” version of RS2 but added some other cool features. Below is the list of the new features:

  • buy levitra in uk HTML5 Game Client: a big improvement which includes visual quality with improved lighting, draw distance and color. You don’t need a plug-ins like Java to run the game.
  • New Audio Engine: High quality audio and music.
  • Seasonal High Scores: Added leader boards to compete against Runescape community.
  • Dawn of the Sixth Age and the Battle of Lumbridge: an epic new story coming to RS3.
  • New Interface System: a massive depth customization for ease of use. It also includes such as key binding and resizable minimap.
  • Upgraded Camera: gives you the freedom to view your character.
  • New Community Website: Easy-to-navigate website that focused on your needs.
  • Divination: New skills for your divine powers.

Remember that your existing character can be used in RS3 so you don’t need to create a new account. You may also continue to use the JAVA client (if you wish), you can still get the benefits of RS3 though without the cool looking visual upgrades.

If you wish to know more updates of RS, click here.

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