Wild Beasts for EverQuest Platinum

One of the best farming monsters you can kill to earn EverQuest Platinum in level 30-35. Check out this leveling and farming guide for platinum for your level 30-35 character.

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Mesa Monsters of EverQuest Platinum

There are several monster you can kill if you want to farm for platinum. The Mesa wolves, bears and snakes are the primary monsters you can hunt. They are located at Goru’kar Mesa near Blightfire Zone line. This is one of the very few farming locations that stay consistently good until level and probably beyond that as well. The Wolves and bears will be your main focus since they drop high quality pelts which you can sell for a good reasonable price in the bazaar. Once the wolves and bears run out you can switch your focus and kill the snakes instead.

Alternative Monsters for EverQuest Platinum

If you kill all the bears and wolves in your farming spot change your focus to the mesa snakes. These snakes won’t drop any high level pelts but they drop teeth and pancreas which values the same. Teeth and pancreas can be sold to a vendor for close to 20 platinum or more. The more items or monsters you can kill the more platinum you can earn.


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